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Rise Of The Northstar - The Legacy Of Shi

Rise Of The Northstar - The Legacy Of Shi

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The French samurai are back and their katanas are sharper than ever. After the release of their debut 'Welcame' the band has toured intensively. Their convincing podium presence always succeeded in making the audience frantic. That feeling is completely reflected on 'The Rise Of Shi'.

The band members are heavy manga adepts. That Japanese aspect is now being told about the life of the samurai Shi who is reborn in a modern man and continues his struggle against evil. That heavy crossover thrash and rap metal of the debut is still present everywhere. Yet the band has gone beyond their limits and that under the watchful eyes of no one less as Joe Duplantier who coproduced the album. In 'The Awakening' you will hear heavy hardcore riffs and rhythms flanked by the insanely screaming and angry vocals of Vithia after the intro. The song is followed by 'Here Comes The Boom'. A sturdy and hard crossover hardcore rap metal track with a rhythm that catches your throat and a chorus that you will never forget. Compare it with the first time that 'Killing In The Name Of' by Rage Against The Machine reverberated through your speakers. And it has been a while since there were such angry rap vocals with massive riffs as in 'Nekketsu'. Here it becomes clear that the band knows perfectly how to whip up an audience and let them go crazy. On 'Teenage Rage' Vithia dares to dare to rap in French and pieces of hip-hop were incorporated. Do not think that this will bring down the tempo because 'This Is Crossover' and 'All For One' are played so mercilessly harshly and aggressively that it is clear that a real samurai does not show any mercy for the enemy. Rise Of The Northstar has everything to grow within a few years into a true crowd puller at many festivals.

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