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Barús - Drowned

Barús - Drowned

Label : Memento Mori | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : I don't know what is going in France, but there seems to be coming a pretty steady stream of awesome bands from that country. This time I had the pleasure of listening to Barús' debut album 'Drowned'. It is a little odd that Memento Mori (the label) accepted this band into their ranks, because usually they only care for traditional death metal bands. And Barús, well, is actually a special kind of death metal. I do not mean there is something wrong with them, no, I mean there are very clear death metal aspects in the music and the band combines it generously with other influences, like black and metalcore.

Opening track 'Descry' makes it quite clear that we are dealing with a band that has full control of their instruments and direction. Everything sounds tight and there is a lot of variety here, not just the instrumental parts but also the vocals. At one point they seem to be whispering the verses of the damned while at another point they sound like they are coming straight from the grave. All of this is definitely not enough to prepare you for the wonderful intensity of what you will hear in the following song, 'Graze', in which all of the aforementioned aspects return. The track starts with a magnificent bass line that is accompanied quite soon by a super doomy guitar sound. Slowly the song changes into a horrifying lament in which the vocals once again have the perfect intensity and use the right words to send the shivers down your very bones. Heavy, the song then evolves into a death epistle with just a touch of post metal that will leave you with raised eyebrows, wishing for more. And you will get more. 'Drowned' takes you along to the murky depths of shallow waters and deadly seaweeds, and contains mainly tracks of a somewhat lengthier nature. Especially the many dissonances on this album are particularly well thought out.

It is as if a necromancer raised a couple of dead people in the dungeons of a solitary, abandoned castle. In 1569. And the resulting undead found the wholesome scrolls that held the original script of metalcore, juggled around with it for a number of centuries, perfecting their sound and injecting it with a couple of shots of death and black. This is music the way it is supposed to be played.

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