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Skies Turn Black - No Place Like Home

Skies Turn Black - No Place Like Home

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : These guys from the North of Great Britain come here with their debut 'No Place Like Home'. When a band comes with their first album, they usually have written a lot of music. This album also has a length from one hour. But nowhere is it boring. You hear them going the classic direction in the style of power and speed metal. Everything is, however, in a modern way that gives you a fresh sound. The intro 'Before The Storm' is certainly worth mentioning by the beautiful composition in classical music that this has become. The first song 'A World About To Flood' sounds like a catchy piece of metalcore with a lot of punk rock and metal elements. It is especially the powerful and pure voice of a Jamie Jordan who stands out. Eventually that genre is changed and you hear a lot of melody on 'The Sickness And The Cure' and it's more of the speed and power metal. 'This Too Shall Pass' shows a nice rhythm and is sure to please many fans of the more alternative rock. Especially the performance of Jordan falls back on this. He can clearly put a lot of strength and emotions into his voice. That a band like Avenged Sevenfold can also be named as an example, you can hear in 'No Place Like Home'. That melodic guitar solo with which the song starts could be on an album by Avenged. Sometimes it is also a bit firmer. On 'Pearly Gates' and the long closing 'Revolution' you hear heavy pieces of metalcore roaring and even some grunt. That is in the contrast with the semi ballads 'Running With the Wind' or the ballad 'Never Again'. Not that they get bored, but they take away the drive a bit. However, there are enough songs on this album that prove that 'Skies Turn Black' has a lot to offer. Now find a suitable label.

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