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Satan's Satyrs - The Lucky Ones

Satan's Satyrs - The Lucky Ones

Label : Bad Omen Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : A sonic orgasm. If I had to describe the new Satan's Satyrs' record in three words, it would be those three words. The guys are back with their catchy music and 'The Lucky Ones' has become a delicious and above all very sexy album. The last thing we heard of them was a split album with the mighty Windhand, earlier this year, on which both bands showcase their own brands of heavy music. This cooperation apparently tasted very good, as they are now on a north American tour together.

Anyway, the moment you put 'The Lucky Ones' on, something happens. It is hard to describe what it is exactly, but it feels as if a magical spell is cast on the listener. A spell that makes you, very contented, open up your ears and relax to let the electric ecstasy easily flow into the central nerve system to take over control and make it very clear that it is time to let go of your daily sorrows and busy yourself with matters of far greater importance: the furious, fast and devilish rock 'n roll that is laid out before you.

It is as if these four men have fused together with their instruments, such is the natural bravado with which they bring us their very recognizable style. A serious attack of twin guitars that occasionally makes room for stylish harmonies, languorous seventies rock (think T Rex and Pussy), and is always guided by the brilliant voice of Clayton Burgess, that seems to linger somewhere between life and death, light and shadows. Heavier riffs are not forgotten and there are also parts that can very well be considered heavy metal. Satan's Satyrs rip the older rock off of its pedestal, puts it in the here and now, adds their secret ingredient, and this is what you get.

Beside heavy songs as 'She Beast' and 'You And Your Boots' there is also room for more sensitive tracks like 'Take It And Run' and 'Trampled By Angels', but there is always that greasy slickness and dark edge. Even though after each song you need to breathe and recover, there simply isn't time to do so as the tempo never drops and the music goes on with unceasing intensity. The Satyrs do not take the time for needless and extensive intermezzos, making every second necessary, heavy and greatly interesting. Satan's Satyrs succeeded in creating a heavily addictive, euforic, musical drug and it's called 'The Lucky Ones'. If you are smart you will get this album while it is still legal.

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