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Flares - Allegorhythms

Flares - Allegorhythms

Label : Barhill Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Flares is a German post-rock band that has been around since 2007 and yet they have only released two EPs and a full length album ('Solar Empire' from 2014) so far. They were already on stage with serious bands ildish bands like Animals As Leaders, Mono and Caspian. And now there is 'Allegorhythms', the second full length, filled with seven self-written tracks. The band writes in her biography to be influenced by bands like Mogwai (sigh, there they are again), Oceansize and Boards Of Canada and after listening to this album I understand partly why those names are mentioned.

Flares is a band with quirky material. Partly, the post-rock is filled with guitars, as we know from most bands in this genre (forget the name Mogwai, because that is where the music of the Germans has nothing to do with); another part of their music is completed by electronics (hello Boards of Canada). And in addition, the band succeeds in doing rhythmically quite some original things ('Savannah'). I have to say that I can greatly appreciate the music of the Germans. The songs have been put together with eye (ear?) for detail and sometimes they are surprisingly ingenious composed ('Tlkarus'). I also like to hear the umpteenth post-rock band that only built songs on a guitar riff; fortunately Flares is experimenting a lot more. A very pleasant introduction to a very talented band.

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