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Castle - Deal Thy Fate

Castle - Deal Thy Fate

Label : Ripple Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : 'Deal Thy Fate' is the fifth album by American couple Castle, and it is a very interesting record. I was just a tad mistaken when I started listening to it because in the accompanying mail the band was introduced as "heavy metal doomsters". The doom part in that raised certain expectations on my part and even though Castle is anything but standard, the doom content in their brand of heavy metal is next to nonexistent.

What we get is groovy, solid metal dressed in peculiarity, and what exactly it is that is peculiar about it is not an easy thing to explain. The music is chock-full of delicious riffs, has several very adventurous twists, can be quite heavy at times, and alternates those riffs with great pieces of guitar soloing. Not necessarily solos, but a nice hook here and an interesting line there. All of this is underscored by a dark atmosphere. Sometimes though it seems as if they want to put too many good ideas into one song, making it come across as somewhat incoherent and chaotic.

I think the band makes it quite clear that they are fans of Black Sabbath and this is of course something that can only be appreciated. Opening track 'Can't Escape The Evil', for instance, references to 'Behind The Wall Of Sleep', and the song 'Haunted' sounds a little bit like 'Megalomania'. This is something you can hear throughout the entire album: bits and pieces that are reminiscent to the music made by bands that have by now achieved heroic status. And that is probably the thing that makes Castle different from all the dime a dozen metal bands out there. Castle combines the exact right classic elements with the overwhelming power of heavy metal. These melodies will find their way into your head and stay there.

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