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Absolva - Defiance

Absolva - Defiance

Label : Rocksector Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Re-release

Henk : This fifth album by Absolva 'Defiance' was released on CD in 2017 and now has its vinyl release. This to celebrate the start of the European tour that will take place in October and November. The previous albums of the band have escaped me; hence 'Defiance' is a first acquaintance. In the band we find the brothers Luke and Chris Appleton, the first known from Iced Earth and the second by Blaze Bayley. Drummer Martin McNee and Bassist Karl Schramm, who complement the band, are also employed by Mr Bayley in addition to Absolva. So, we can speak of an experienced bunch of musicians.

The question is of course whether this yields a good result and judging by this album a positive answer can be given. The modern heavy metal with here and there some power metal influences is not very original but well executed. Where the other employers of the men can be mentioned as a reference Mystic Prophecy is another name that comes to mind when listening to 'Defiance'. Just listen to 'Fistful Of Hate' and the fast 'Never Be The Same'. The album is also provided with a more than fine sound, especially the natural sound of the drums is very noticeable. 'Alarms' halfway through the album is a bit of a dissonance to the rest of the material, but then the band recovers perfectly with the atmospheric acoustic 'Connections'. From 'Midnight Screams' it is straight on to the finish. 'Life And Death' is notable because it could have come from the first two albums of Bon Jovi. Even in terms of singing, Chris does sound like a young Jon Bon Jovi. The final 'Reflection' refers to Iron Maiden at the time of 'Fear Of The Dark'. Absolva picks something up everywhere and knows how to create a more than successful own sound with it and that produces a great album.

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