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Atrocity - Atlantis

Atrocity - Atlantis

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : I have read somewhere recently that Atrocity has been inspired by Laibach for this album. What? With a semblance of panic I put the CD in the player. Do not worry folks, fortunately it all turns out fine. No industrial noise to perceive. After an interval of three and a half years, 'Atlantis' is filled with strong material in the well-known split Atrocity style. On one side we can enjoy tracks with nasty, brutal metal with death influences, also in vocals. On the other hand we can find gothic relied catchy singles, witnesses of a cherished romanticism. On an album like 'Willenskraft' in 1996 it was not different. Who remembers the tragic videoclip of 'Love Is Dead', where Atrocity seemed to be the German brothers of Type O'Negative?

Singer, producer and mastermind Alexander Krull never spent so much time on the making of a CD as on this 'Atlantis' project. More and more he got intrigued by the mysticism of the sunken continent and 'Atlantis' eradiates this passion. 'Reich Of Phenomena' and 'Superior Race' are sturdy tracks, inspired death metal. But a musician as Krull knows that a whole album with roaring high speed sounds is dull. So he paid attention very well to play with contrasts in the music. Have a listen to 'Gods Of Nations' which surprises us besides heavy guitars and raw vocals with a remarkable chorus to sing along. Such a catchy refrain we also find in 'Ichor'. More gothic with a dark brown voice we hear in 'Enigma' while 'Morbid Mind' combines groovy death metal with choirs. It is epic, bombastic metal with classic and filmic intermezzos, yes even in the heaviest songs. Because it is all mixed through each other, listening to 'Atlantis' becomes a breath-taking adventure.

'Cold Black Days' is an evident choice for a clip since Atrocity joins here seamless on to the gothic bands with male vocals of the Scandinavian scene. After a transition phase in 'Atlantean Empire' where heavy riffs and a rough voice interact with clean vocals, the album becomes even more extreme and bombastic. A track like 'Apocalypse' is in the spirit of Cradle Of Filth with its orchestral intro and overpowered effect. But the most heavy track of the CD is doubtless 'Clash Of The Titans'. They work towards a climax, just like on the continent Atlantis, where quiet close to the disastrous downfall, the civilisation was on the culminating point of its glory. The intro of 'The Sunken Paradise' sounds almost shameless commercial but despite its harder continuation it is once again the chorus that haunts you. Tribal drums, hymnal vocals and a sliding guitar catch our attention in 'Aeon'.

The album will be supported by release parties in Germany. Moreover there is a multimedia part with background information about the fifteen songs and a videoclip of 'Cold Black Days'. This clip shows us symbols and mysticism that still surrounds the decline and fall of Atlantis. Highly recommended!

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