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Scumbag Millionaire - Speed!

Scumbag Millionaire - Speed!

Label : Suburban | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The bastard sons of The Hellacopters? According to some listeners Scumbag Millionaire jumped into the gap left behind by the flagship of the Scandinavian high energy rawk ‘n’ roll scene. They probably referred to the very early version of the band, when Nicke and Dregen were still playing together (as they did again recently). This is energetic powerful rock ’n ’roll with a punky garage attitude in the line of MC5 indeed, but the Kiss-like catchy riffs and hooks and (often double) guitar lines and solo’s with Ace Frehley signature like the most known Hellacopters recipe are not very recognizable. The earlier released 7” tracks are slightly more in the direction of the later Hellacopters material, but this first full-length contains more off-hand power-chord riffs and Chuck Berry licks with punk rock attitude in the direction of bands like Turbonegro or our own Peter Pan Speedrock. Nothing wrong with that when it’s done the right way, and that’s exactly what this is; high quality raw and explosive rawk ‘n’ roll without compromise. Absolutely recommendable for anyone into stuff like Turbonegro, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Bronx and the first two Hellacopters albums.

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