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Credic - Agora

Credic - Agora

Label : Green Zone Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This German band returns after eight years with their second album 'Agora'. The members are addicted to death metal. Because it is impossible in that scene to release the fastest or most brutal album, they have opted to go for the price of the most catchy album. And indeed, it has become a successful attempt. Credic goes in the direction of melodic death metal and also gives some musical thrash influences. Singer Stefan shows a varied grunt that sometimes they seem to use two singers. He manages to sound even a bit bombast, but without using any boxes of tricks. After the intro, the band immediately shows what they are capable of with 'The Masquerade'. And that is playing catchy songs that sound excellent. On 'Alternate End', some keyboards are inserted on the left and right, creating a typical eighties atmosphere. The band succeeds in throwing a lot more surprises. 'The Eye of The Storm' contains some enchanting vocals and therefore sounds a bit like Paradise Lost. 'The Margins of Your Faith' then has an extra catchy touch through the nice chorus and choirs. Hopefully, Credic will also beep outside their national borders. The long bio was only available in German so the fear is that they mainly fix on German market. That would be a shame, because they certainly deserve some international recognition.

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