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Silver P. - Silver P

Silver P. - Silver P

Label : Red Cat Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Silver P is a solo project that was created in January of 2017 by the Italian guitar player Colombini Roberto Pugnale. The basis for this project were a few riffs that Roberto had collected, which slowly but surely transformed into a number of complete songs. Drummer Antonio Inserillo was asked to listen to the material to see whether it had any potential and he advised Roberto to record the songs in his studio. A suitable singer had to be found for that and that spot was quickly filled in the person of Alex Jarusso, who had previously been active in a number of tribute bands. The line-up of the band was completed by the addition of bass player Alessandro Cola and not much later the eponymously entitled debut album of Silver P was a fact.

On the album nine tracks are to be found, of which opener ‘The Deep Breath Before The Plunge’ is an instrumental intro, which style-wise can be categorized as traditional heavy metal with flashy guitar work and great vocals. Tunes like ‘Fields Of War’ ‘A Shade In Light’ and ‘Straight At The Heart’ are excellent examples thereof and will certainly be to the liking of traditional heavy metal fans. With ‘Memories’ they’ve also included a beautiful ballad and that accounts for the necessary variety. I must say that I was quite positively surprised after listening to this debut album, because my expectation level wasn’t very high when in the first instance I was confronted with the somewhat boring album cover and the rather strange band name. So it is again proven that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover as they say. If I still had to mention a small piece of criticism, then it would be the limited duration of the record, because a little bit more than half an hour of music is rather thin. But I’d rather have half an hour of quality music than a record of an hour filled with fillers. And quality you’ll definitely get with this Silver P debut album.

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