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Cruadalach - Raised By Wolves

Cruadalach - Raised By Wolves

Label : 7hard | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Czech folk metal band Cruadalach recently released their third album. The band consists of eight members and as a result you get to hear a richly filled record. Since their inception in 2009, they have continued some evolution. The result is that they have been able to push through a fairly original sound between all those bunches of folk metal bands. Of course there are the typical folk instruments such as violin, shawms and some flute instruments. In the metal field there is a lot of playing and everything is very close to metalcore and punk. Lead singer Petr Caisl has a hoarse screaming voice and sounds rather energetic. Many couplets are sung by a clear female voice that gives you a beautiful whole. Unlike many other genre, they write texts with content. Subjects about human problems and relationships are not avoided here. Just listen to 'Relationshit' or 'Homesick'. On 'Godwall Chant' Bronto Mika from Satisfucktion grunts some parts and Viktoria Surmova provides extra clean vocals. Their metalcore background is most clearly expressed in 'Brave New Dawn'. It starts with a rapping vocals that soon turns into a solid piece of metalcore. In combination with stringed instruments and the powerful clear vocals of Eliska Kasprzyk, the band shows a unique identity here. Actually, the only downside to this album is that it only takes thirty-six minutes. You really want to hear more.

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