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Albert Marshall - Speakeasy

Albert Marshall - Speakeasy

Label : Red Cat Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Sometimes you wonder if the market for instrumental albums is not big enough already, even saturated. Well, not for Italian guitarist Albert Marshall (doesn’t that sound Italian eh?), so this is his debut album ‘Speakeasy’. The album has eight tracks, of which two have vocals on them. These vocals are provided by Mark Boals, hired gun par excellence. The releases this man has been on are not all that strong and countless. But, this is about Marshall, not Boals. Marshall has been studying and playing guitar since he was sixteen. Let there be no discussion, he knows how to handle his instrument. Influences for him are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert. But I do not hear that sounding through. In tone and way of playing (especially the faster parts), Yngwie Malmsteen is the one that leaps to mind. Reason for this is that Marshall his compositions are based on traditional hard rock. The experimental part is absent, something Vai and Gilbert are most known for. Let us get back to Mark Boals one more time, his vocal contributions on ‘Fallen angel’ en ‘Tristam Fireland’ definitely give added value to these songs. Even better, if I could give Marshall some advice, cut back on the instrumentals and focus on songs with vocals. Marshall will have better chance on recognition and prevents getting lost in the guitar jungle of virtuosos.

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