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Holy Grove - Holy Grove

Holy Grove - Holy Grove

Label : Ripple Music | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Re-release

Bart M. : Putting on this record at 11:30 PM after I got home from work was not the best of ideas. I have housemates to think about and this made me keep the volume down a bit. A pity, because the next morning I found out that this album comes into its own much better when played at maximum volume. What I think IS a good idea though, is that they re-released Holy Grove's debut album. The thing about a re-release is that the album will get renewed attention, and this album definitely deserves that!

Holy Grove shows us that even though the history of metal and all of its interesting branches is especially important, none of the various styles and genres are bound to a specific slot of time. I think it must have been really exciting to be living in the sixties and seventies and actually be there to witness the fast and wondrous development of heavy music. That development is not done yet and this band shows that, musically, times are still just as exciting as they were back then. Of course we hear a lot of recognizable melodies - Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, even Priest, during the violent storm of riffs that the band fires at us, but it is never a case of copy and paste. No, Holy Grove gives their own definition to heavy psychedelic doom, and infuses it, Moros be praised, with ample shots of stoner. Singer Andrea Vidal completes the blissful experience with her very strong vocals. Any other voice would have been overshadowed by the hypnotizing and dragging stream of music, but she knows to complement it really well, making each track a powerful, stand alone accomplishment.

That being said, all of the songs flow very naturally into each other, making 'Holy Grove' a sizzling adventure that does not seem to stop. Not until you manage to get the album off of the repeat function, and that, my friend, will be a very challenging task indeed while being mesmerized by this succesful combination of seventies freedom and modern technological progress. Listening to this record makes you think about music, influences, bands and draw fresh conclusions. And so, we keep occupying ourselves with the sonic gold that is heavy music. Only one and a half month before we will be able to enjoy the follow-up album, 'Holy Grove II'. What an awesome time to be alive!

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