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Damnation Gallery - Black Stains

Damnation Gallery - Black Stains

Label : Leynir Booking | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Damnation Gallery is a relatively new name for me. The first time I got hold of them was when they contributed to the ‘The Cult Of Necrodeath’ tribute CD. The Italian band debuted in 2016 with the ‘Transcendence Hymn’ EP. Unfortunately only 50 copies were pressed and therefore you will have to put it on your Discogs wantlist if you are interested in owning one. Fortunately all three songs on the debut are also on their first full-length ‘Black Stains’.

When I searched the web for info on Damnation Gallery I noticed the band has the ‘Heavy Demons’ track on their setlist on a regular basis. This one was originally recorded in 1992 by the legendary Italian metal band Death S.S., whom I dearly adore and respect. Therefore Damnation Gallery can’t do nothing wrong for me anymore. The ‘Black Stains’ CD is one that is quite good. It is distributed through Black Widow Records so you will be able to buy one yourselves.

The band plays traditional heavy metal with singer Scarlet as the most prominent member. She reminds me of female cult hero and goddess Dawn Crosby (Détente, Fear Of God), who regrettably died of an acute liver failure back in 1996. Damnation Gallery is a band that has the potential to play and conquer the traditional underground heavy metal festivals such as Pyrenean Warriors Open Air, Heavy Metal Maniacs or Steel Held High. Nice one!

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