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SixEleven - The Aftermath

SixEleven - The Aftermath

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Demo

Wim S. : SixEleven is a Dutch band built around the brothers René and Paul Kruidenier. The band has been busy for a long time already, but until now other than a demo recording in 2006 did not happen. Already in 2017 this demo 'The Aftermath' was recorded, but in that same year Chris Karreman left the band, after which the release of the EP was delayed. In Yoeri Rol the band found a new bass player and with this new line up (second guitarist Ralph Theissen has been with the band since 2009) they now want to bring 'The Aftermath' to the attention.

The music of the band is eclectic: the band gets inspiration from prog rock, classical rock but also from real metal. This demo opens with 'Save Our Souls', a song that in terms of structure is reminiscent of Devin Townsend, but less full and pompous. Then 'Why' is also well composed. This mainly includes the tempo change and the ingenious use of rhythm section (although the drums sound strange in the second part) and the vocal lines are reminiscent of Dream Theater. 'All You Need' is a heavy song in which we even hear a grunt contribution. Also heavy is 'Game Over' in which the chorus sounds very intense because the verses sound rather subtle. The EP closes with the title track, a track with a nice structure but that is not exciting enough to really convince.

All in all a nice EP. The sound is not great, but you may not expect that from a self-financed CD. Especially the drums suffer from this and the guitar sound is not always good. Furthermore, I fear that the band will have to choose a little more direction because it is too heavy for fans of progressive music and too soft for lovers of real metal.

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