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Osukaru - House Of Mirrors

Osukaru - House Of Mirrors

Label : City Of Lights Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : My first acquaintance with this Swedish A.O.R. band dated from last year when I had to review their fifth full-length album ‘The Labyrinth’ and at that time I wasn’t really impressed by what the band had to offer. The song material proved to be quite average, while the vocals of singer Fredrik Werner were absolutely not bad, but also didn’t really stand out in a positive way. As a matter of fact only guitar player Oz Osukaru at times stood out from the crowd by means of his beautiful solos. As a consequence I couldn’t do nothing else that conclude that ‘The Labyrinth’ just didn’t have enough quality to stand out in the abundance of releases that are thrown at us every month.

No the meanwhile sixth album ‘House Of Mirrors’ has seen the light of day and as such the situation hasn’t really changed that much. The song material on offer still sounds quite okay, but just misses that little bit of extra which is necessary to be truly appealing. The ten tunes (plus intro) are all easy listening material and especially the ballad ‘Until Forever Ends’ and the catchy ‘You’ve Been Waiting are worthwhile listening to, but as a whole ‘House Of Mirrors’ just doesn’t offer enough sensational material to talk about a truly spectacular release. Also this record is, just like its predecessor, to be categorized as a very decent A.O.R.-album, but definitely not a top release within the genre.

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