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Mouflon - Devastations

Mouflon - Devastations

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Within the Dutch scene the name Mouflon has created something of a buzz. The band from Arnhem has a remarkable moniker and they regularly hit the stages. This first full-length is actually the first time I hear any music by the band that was formed in 2012. Ever since they released three demos. With the arrival of a new drummer in 2015 and a new vocalist in 2017 it seems Mouflon is on the rise. ‘Devastations’ being the tangible result.

Hearing the opening track ‘Remembered By Skin’ I have to dig deep in my memory. The sound (particularly the drum sound) reminds me of another band. After a while I remember. The production is very much alike the production of the album ‘The Mists Of Time’ from 1997 by the American (now defunct) band Lucifer’s Hammer. It’s a sound that fits really well to this type of fairly simple structured yet effective death metal by this five-piece. Just a matter of getting to the point without any superfluous bits and pieces. Just the way I like it. Style-wise this can be described as old-school death metal with some doom parts. The way it has to be as far as I’m concerned. It’s fairly hard to compare this to other bands. Mouflon doesn’t use that typical Swedish HM-2 sound for instance. To me it’s more in line with bands from the Chicago scene such as Master or Cianide, which partly is because of the sound and partly because of the compositions. You can’t call Mouflon a copycat band though. In this day and era that is worth mentioning. Lots of bands do sound like a copy. Even when Mouflon’s songs come across as familiar and catchy there still is a degree of originality. To me that is mainly because of the cool production. For the lovers of vinyl I can also mention there will be a limited LP edition through Lawless Lewdness. This LP contains a bonus track by the way. All in all a fine death metal record you should give a shot. I am convinced!

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