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Dynazty - Firesign

Dynazty - Firesign

Label : AFM Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : If you, like me, are a sucker for all Scandinavian rock or metal, Dynazty is mandatory. I have been following the band since their 2014 release ‘Renatus’. And ‘Firesign’ is a logical follow up to their last release ‘Titanic Mass’. On this new album the sound of the band is still dominated by, a keyboard driven, sound that stands firm. If you like organic and open productions, the sound might take some getting used to, but is definitely worth taking the chance. The band has a keen eye and ear to match melody with heaviness. Just listen to ‘The Grey’ as a prime example. Singer Nils Molin is definitely the most impressive element on this album, does this guy have a set of pipes, wow. Opener ‘Breathe With Me’ showcases this perfectly. But, do not forget the exquisite guitar tandem Love Magnusson and Mike Lavér. Quick as lightning, but always focused on the melody and frame of the song. During ‘In The Arms Of The Devil’ there is even a bit of Rammstein shining through in their guitarwork and the keyboards. But you will search without effort to find the kind of solos Dynazty delivers when listening to the Germans. Another jewel is ‘Ascension’, with its dark and heavy passages, and again the steam comes of the necks of the guitars, like it. The band shows that they are able to maintain the level of quality delivered on their former albums. With this sixth album the band is banging on the door that holds the sign breakthrough. Well deserved.

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