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Black Paisley - Perennials

Black Paisley - Perennials

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Last year Swedish rockers Black Paisley made their debut with ‘Late Bloomer’. And already there is a follow up in the form of ‘Perennials’. Quick, but my guess is that the band has an arsenal of songs ready. Before Black Paisley saw daylight, these guys played and toured as a cover band. The band consists of seasoned musicians, with singer Stefan Blomqvist being the figurehead of the band. Well, figurehead….that is were this band is lacking. For this review I checked YouTube and found the video for the song ‘I Want Your Soul’. It is touching and a bit humorous to see how the band is presenting itself in a bit of a clumsy way. But that is not more than a sidestep. The song itself is a fine rocker, heavier than what the band showed on their debut. Much different to a tune like ‘Day By Day’, a nice mid-tempo diddy that could go on American radio without any problems. On the other hand there is a song like ‘Mother’, a true eighties ‘fist in the air’ rocker. And, blimey, there is ‘Miss Me’, a true easy listening song. Everything on the album is well played, but it is hard to pinpoint where Black Paisley stands for. If you like quality rock that covers it all, black Paisley might be a good one to check out. Only… guys, think twice before releasing a video again.

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