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Waxen - Terror Decree

Waxen - Terror Decree

Label : Moribund Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Wow, this was marketed poorly. Waxen might ring a bell with black metal purists as the one-man project from Toby Knapp that started in 2004. That’s NOT how they marketed this record; the bio is full of “guitar god” and all of his past bands are named while none of those really found their footing. It’s a bit awkward, to be honest. On top of that, the bio keeps coining the term “shred black metal”. Need I say more? A lot of hype for a meager black metal record, then. Because this is as old school as it comes; Immortal, Watain, and Marduk all come to mind – the production value sucks, the songwriting is abysmal and the performance never hits the spot. I wouldn’t even recommend this to the diehard fan of the genre.

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