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Walking Dead On Broadway - Dead Era

Walking Dead On Broadway - Dead Era

Label : Long Branch Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : I've probably mentioned it before, deathcore is a limited genre where it mainly revolves around the building of a sonic brick wall and a shocking lack of creativity. Fortunately, there are occasional bands that add something to that erected wall of violence, such as Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex or the Germans of Walking Dead On Broadway. With their previous album 'Slaves' they already showed that they have more to offer than brutal violence and on the new 'Dead Era' they follow that line.

It is not just about adding little bits of melody, for example in 'Our Labor, Our Idol, Our Pride' or in 'Punish The Poor', but also in coming up with a nice grooving riff (where 'Dead Era' is full of by the way) and a vocalist who fits with his voice exactly within the lines that are musically drawn by the rest of the band. Vocalist Nils Richber is new, but has a voice that is just right for this style of metal. The band also knows how to approach one of the characteristics of this style, the breakdown, in a creative way. Listen to the aforementioned 'Our Labor, Our Idol, Our Pride' and then you know enough. Occasionally adding a keyboard will also remove the necessary sharp edges at the right moments, without losing any power, and then you can only conclude that Walking Dead On Broadway has released a very thoughtful record with a great slab of deathcore.

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