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Brainstorm - Midnight Ghost

Brainstorm - Midnight Ghost

Label : AFM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Album number twelve no less for the German power metal veterans of Brainstorm. ‘Midnight Ghost’ is the follow-up to ‘Scary Creatures’ that was released early 2016. ‘Scary Creatures’ was in no way a bad album, but alas it was less strong then the sparkling ‘Firesoul’, that was released before that album again. How will ‘Midnight Ghost’ compare to these two albums? We already got a good “appeteaser” a few weeks back with the videoclip of ‘Ravenouw Minds’, which was very promising. Let’s start listening shall we!

The answer to the question is not one that keeps us waiting, already in the beginning of ‘Devils Eye’ the music captivates and draws you to the edge of your seat. The music is quite a few levels harder than it was on ‘Scary Creatures’ and that is definitely a good thing. The song is very well built and the chorus is finger-licking good. ‘Revealing The Darkness’ is more melodic yet still heavy. Andy B. Frank seems to sing better and more dynamic than ever before, being a student in the Almanac school of musical genius Victor Smolski definitely paid off. ‘Ravenous Minds’ is a song that I already know well, but no problem in hearing it once more, this is undoubtedly one of the strongest Brainstorm songs ever written and makes me think of the older but fantastic ‘Soul Temptation’ album. ‘The Pyre’ pushes the pedal to the metal until we reach thrash-like speeds. ‘Jeanne Boulet’ is an epic piece that will surely have some true historical background. Musically, we find a mix of the grandiose of a band like Bloodbound, the resourcefulness of Orden Ogan (of which singer Seeb Levermann has produced this album by the way) and a good dose of familiar Brainstorm ingredients in especially the guitars. Other highlights on the album are ‘When Pain Becomes Real’, the dark ‘Haunting Voices’ and also closing ballad ‘The Path’ has a right to be on this album.

The best Brainstorm product as of yet? Maybe it is! This album has the fiery spirit of ‘Firesoul’ (no pun intended), the depth of ‘Soul Temptation’ and the heavy sound of ‘Downburst’. All elements that make Brainstorm the unique fish in the pond of German metal are present in ten typical yet refreshing Brainstorm anthems. So what are you waiting for, go like greased lightning and buy that record!

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