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Yurt - IV - The Obstacle Is Everything

Yurt - IV - The Obstacle Is Everything

Label : Little Plastic Tapes | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Strangely enough I had never heard of Yurt before I found their fourth opus 'The Obstacle Is Everything' waiting for me in my mailbox. Strange, because they have already been around since 2006 and the music they make is not something that is easily overlooked. Overheard. Yurt makes lengthy songs and even though these days that is not something to raise your eyebrows at, I do think it is special when people are able to make compositions of ten minutes or more that are able to fascinate from beginning to end. And that is what this band does.

The album takes off and appears to just move on and devastate right up to the final second. And yes, that is what is happening, but amongst the walls of sound there are also moments of peace and quiet. These walls seem to shape themselves around the listener nonstop, then fall down only to rise again as completely new structures. Although there is a definite consistency in each of the songs, Yurt applies a lot of variation. This means a lot of things are happening at once (though never in a bad way), different layers are poured on top of another and each time the songs come by again something new is discovered. One moment you will find yourself caught in a web of dissonance, the other will throw you into spaces in which epic guitar sounds create a warm ambiance. Occasionally synthesizers are used to put the tension on edge some more, but there are also traces of rock 'n roll and classic metal shining through the aforementioned layers.

What strikes me as especially awesome are the vocals. Man, when these guys start singing! Saying it gives me goosebumps is a harsh understatement. The psychedelic, almost seventies kind of singing not only connects perfectly to everything that is going on around it, it elevates it to a higher level. Everything is just right. This is pretty, this is real, this is very much worth thoroughly exposing yourself to. Welcome to the expansive, opulent dimension of Yurt.

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