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Gory Blister - 1991.Bloodstained

Gory Blister - 1991.Bloodstained

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The Italian Gory Blister showed its first sign of life in 1991. And they commemorate and celebrate that with this release. The band makes melodic death metal, in which you can clearly sense their thrash influences from that era. Of the line-up that started back then, drummer Raff Sangiorgio is the sole remaining member, but still they have released a steady four albums in the last ten years, with six in total. They were given a professional opinion during the recording process by Jon Zazula, a name that will go down in history books forever as the man who discovered Metallica and who currently still does nice things for the likes of Venom Inc and Testament, amongst others.

The music of Gory Blister is melodic, fairly technical , but somehow still quite in-your-face. The vocals have a slight tendency towards deathcore, especially in the way the vocal structures go, which make it a bit uncomfortable to have within this type of music, but he gets away with it, as he does provide the power. As a whole, the band show diversity and more particular, they are very entertaining. ‘Mother’ is an instrumetal work, but could just as easily in the vein of Metallica had become a full-fledged instrumental song, with all that goes with it. There is the potential in the song to do that, if you ask me. And speaking of Metallica, here they are again, the song ‘Damage Inc’ is put in a Gory Blister cloak here and they do a fairly good job. It is always risky to cover a song that the listener knows inside and out, but they did a good job giving their own personal touch to it. By the way, they didn’t mention it is a Metallica song in the credits on the bio, but okay, that is a minor.

The rest of the tracks display a band that chooses its direction with sheer confidence, that plays mainly mid-tempo but that above all is playing the kind of music they themselves love. In fact, I think that there is not a metal guitarist on this planet who would not enjoy playing this music. Every moment is nice. In terms of arrangements, and some small details they could be working on, I’d say this comes across as very steady. All together Gory Blister managed very well to capture an oldschool vibe and translate that to 2018.

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