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Beyond Creation - Algorythm

Beyond Creation - Algorythm

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : The Canadian Beyond Creation is no stranger in the death metal scene. With their debut album ‘The Aura’ (2011) and successor
‘Earthborn Revolution’ (2014) the band became an established, prominent name when it comes to progressive, technical death metal.
After the previous album, bassist Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe, who - with his fretless bass - had a big contribution to the sound, left the band. Has that affected the sound on the new album?

The musical line from before is seemingly effortlessly continued on 'Algorythm', although the new album is certainly not an indiscriminate copy of earlier work. Small accents here and there have been elaborated just a bit deeper. The fluently packing of all kinds of technical frivolities into excellent compositions (for example 'Entre Suffrage Et Mirage', 'Algorythm' and 'The Afterlife') without falling into extreme string picking, is something that Beyond Creation always knew to do with verve and what is not different on the new album. The bass is now in the hands of Hugo Doyon-Karout (Brought By Pain, Equipoise, Unbeing) and this one may not be fretless, the bass lines still dance just as perky and go humming through the tracks (‘Surface’s Echoes’, ‘Entre Suffrage Et Mirage’, ‘In Adversity’) as they did before. In certain tracks (‘Disenthrall’, ‘À Travers Le Temps Et L’Oubli’ en ‘The Afterlife’), through guest appearances on the album (Louis-Pier Racicot, Olivier Caron and Louis-Philippe Beauchamp), a violin, cello and horn have been added. The heavy vocals of Simon Girard are just a bit more deepened and stronger than on the previous albums. And then the band seems to play a little more with dynamics; for example, halfway through 'The Inversion' the heaviness steps down and the melody takes over. These are small, almost playful, intermezzos that provide a lot of variety and thus keep your attention completely. Although 'Algorythm' may be in line with previous albums, the more detailed elaboration ensures that this is a release that rises high above the average and that endorses the position of the Canadians fully.

'Algorythm' is nothing else than a fantastic album, which leaves at least such an overwhelming impression as the debut album 'The Aura' had on me. Mandatory for lovers of progressive, technical death.

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