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I Am The Law - Hymn Of The Vulture

I Am The Law - Hymn Of The Vulture

Label : Junecrow Media | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : I Am The Law is a band from the south of the United States. There are a couple of bands hailing from there that always sound very angry, but this band sounds angrier. Maybe it is something in the water over there: in 2015 they released their debut EP 'Blackwater Gospel' and now here we have their sophomore 'Hymn Of The Vulture'.

A collection of five songs on which I Am The Law displays a motley assembly of different styles. Styles that at times match perfectly and sound awesome, like in the powerful first song 'All Hail The Wind', where we hear a successful combination of sludge, metalcore (it's true) and post metal, with wonderful dissonances and vocals that seem to reach out from a shallow, swampy grave: hollow, deep and convincing. At other times it sounds as if these guys have chugged a couple beers on a Friday night and then picked up their instruments to fiddle and slam around until something came out, without realizing that the result ('Electric Mistress') sounds a lot like an already existing song. This is of course pure coincidence, but what has been heard cannot be unheard.

Thus, the album summons up mixed feelings, but I have to say that after listening to it a couple of times, when you start hearing the little niceties that escape your attention the first times, it begins sounding pretty good. There is room for improvement though, especially in regards to the lyrics and the vocals - although singer Brandon definitely has the capacity to be a great singer, he does miss the mark on a couple of these songs.

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