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Vandallus - Bad Disease

Vandallus - Bad Disease

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Vandallus sounds like a scary disease, exactly as the album title suggests. “Oh dear, you have vandallus. Cetirizine twice a day and absolutely no milk in your coffee for five months.” Sure, but what is Vandallus for real and how does it sound?

This is an American band and ‘Bad Disease’ is album number two. The debut album has been described by my colleague Ruben as being a simple though enjoyable NWOBHM-like album. The same thing can be said about ‘Bad Disease’, that does not feature some bricks on the cover but a pair of poorly illuminated boobs. With ‘Infected’ the album opens promising, this is a rapid classic heavy metal track that does indeed take you back to long gone British ages. The tasty light vocals, rapid rolling drums and fine solo works have been twisted together pretty well. Unfortunately, this is the only song that stands out of the crowds. Most songs are mid-tempo at best and that makes the album tedious after a while. A pity, for the music is not wrong at all. Just look at ‘Heart Attacker’ or ‘Shake Down’, some fine tunes, if they just were not that interchangeable. This is one of those albums you want to find in the bargain bin of the metal market.

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