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Radux - Disaster Imminent

Radux - Disaster Imminent

Label : Svart Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: 12"

Dennis : Take a trip back into memory lane to the mid 80’s with this 12" EP, to a time when the American thrash metal scene peaked and Nuclear Assault was one coolest bands arising from the scene. The young Finnish band Radux clearly listened to monumental albums such as 'Game Over' and 'Handle With Care' and simply can’t deny their affection for the crossover thrash of Dan Lilker and co. Four razorsharp and powerful nuclear thrash metal anthems with the typical John Connelly-style vocals, fast riffs and howling guitar solos make this a 14 minute thrash attack you won’t forget. Ok, the music isn’t the most original, but the songs are well executed and fun to listen to and I am sure that most old school thrash metal fans will appreciate 'Disaster Imminent'. Make sure to order your copy of this 12" vinyl, since it is released in a limited edition of only 300 pieces by the Finnish label Svart Records.

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