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Pillars - Onward To Nothingness

Pillars - Onward To Nothingness

Label : Seeing Red Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : When listening to ‘Onward To Nothingness’ by Pillars it once again becomes clear that every genre has to be approached in a different way. In a genre such as sludge, which is on offer here, a band doesn’t go for writing catchy songs but goes for the sledgehammer bulldozer effect. In such a way the music has to be approached. Were you to expect catchy tunes, well, then it will turn into a major disappointment. But are you to expect icy glacial speeds and pulverizing power of a glacier then ‘Onward To Nothingness’ is a really fine piece of work. It grates, it pulverizes, it destroys. It is what sludge should be like. Sparing nothing, totally reckless. Well-executed even though it lacks an identity of its own. But given the fact that this is the band’s debut full-length after having released an EP two years ago I am of the opinion that there is still more than enough room for growth towards a sound of their own.

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