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Malum / Lathspell - Luciferian Nightfall

Malum / Lathspell - Luciferian Nightfall

Label : Helter Skelter Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

Koen S. : Malum and Lathspell are two Finnish black metal bands that do have some things in common. They are back to back on this split, called 'Luciferian Nightfall', for instance, haha. Now seriously. It is a known fact that the black metal scene in Finland is an incestuous circle where everyone does it with everyone. Both Lathspell’s vocalist/bassist Grim666 and vocalist Tyrant of Malum are active in Kalmankantaja. Several members of Lathspell play in Wyrd, Hautakamnio and Azaghal, while musicians of Malum play in Infernarium and Sarkrista. Malum and Lathspell are also quite productive. Malum exists since 2013 and released three EP’s, two splits and two full albums. The last album was ‘Night Of The Luciferian Light’ from 2017. Lathspell already has been around much longer: they spewed out four demos, two splits and five full albums since 1998.

Malum plays fast black metal on 'Luciferian Nightfall' in the vain of Azaghal and does not waste its time with extracurricular activities. Every now and then they slow down a bit and that is especially reflected in their last song 'Void', where they are able to create an extremely dark atmosphere by using a piano and playing some slower parts. Lathspell uses the same style, albeit more melodic and with a clearer production. The string section is much more prominent, which I like better. In each of their three songs there are some catchy parts that give the whole kind of an epic dimension. Ideal record to get to know these two bands or to expand your Finnish black metal collection.

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