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Ethernity - The Human Race Extinction

Ethernity - The Human Race Extinction

Label : AFM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : With an album title like this, you might expect an Aryreon spin-off. Besides the theme, it is not. The story is an apocalyptic approach familiar to Ayreon’s concepts but with a fresh approach. Musically however it is a very different situation. It is a band with an obvious high ‘prog’ level but to me it is mostly high energetic, fast and technical metal. Add vocalist Julie and the band is complete. It is a feast to listen to. Julie is far from average, her voice has this raw edge but mainly she is an impressive powervocalist. It is amazing to witness this kind of energy. After an impressive intro of the record, she however disappointed me a bit during the first twenty seconds by singing technically correct but with hardly any emotion. After twenty seconds I felt her soul coming into her singing, and that convinced me. The combination of technique, conviction, emotion and sheer power and energy make her stand out. The rest of the band are musicians that are very high skilled and deliver impressive songs that together make an album worth listening to.

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