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Dödsrit - Spirit Crusher

Dödsrit - Spirit Crusher

Label : Prosthetic Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Question: who has the debut of Dödsrit from 2017 in his possession or has at least listened to it? Answer YES: nice, so now you can buy the new album ‘Spirit Crusher’ right away. Answer NO: check it now, buy it and buy the new album ‘Spirit Crusher’ right away!

Christoffer Öster! Remember the name! This guy started the band Dödsrit where his former band Totem Skin ended and crushed everyone with his self-titled debut. ‘Spirit Crusher’ is the successor of that self-titled debut and is, so to speak, a step further in the development of Christoffer as a musician and song writer. There is still black metal and crust to be heard on the new album, but also post black, post metal, D-beat and heavy metal. In the opening track 'Aura' punky black metal is haunted by melancholic parts of post metal and overtaken by fierce outbursts of black metal. And if you think there is coming an end to all the fun, Christoffer conjures yet another series of catchy guitar parts.

The breathtaking ride through the Swedish nature that began at 'Aura' continues with ‘Ändlösa ådror' and 'A Drowing Voice' before ending up with the incredibly sexy song 'Spirit Crusher'. Fifteen minutes of overwhelming, clear sound waves, atmospheric story lines, titillating landscapes, temperamental storms, loving hugs and powerful messages that unfortunately have to end and leaves me behind nail biting in a wistful state. The four songs on 'Spirit Crusher' last no less than forty minutes: they are an example of wonderful, disarming craftsmanship and you have to hear it to believe it!

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