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Devil Lee Rot - Devil Equinox Ov Doom

Devil Lee Rot - Devil Equinox Ov Doom

Label : Nekromantik Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : I think I kind of forgot about Devil Lee Rot after 2005’s ’At Hell’s Deep’ studio album and the ‘The Devil Has Landed’ live CD. In 2006, some live tapes saw the light of day and after that it became quite quiet for a few years until 2014 when a split EP with Ajatus was released, but 2018 marks the year Devil Lee Rot makes its definitive come-back with a split EP with Mordant, a live CD entitled ‘Doomysterium Of Nomed Live’ and a new studio album entitled ‘Devil Equinox Ov Doom’.

I expected another old school thrash metal bomb like about a fat decade ago, but unfortunately DLR’s style has severely changed. ‘Devil Equinox Ov Doom’ has become a slow and boring doom alike metal album that doesn’t quite deliver. I don’t know what happened here. I think it was Ted Nugent who once said “if it’s too loud you’re too old” and I think singer and sole member Thomas Karlsson (a.k.a. Devil Lee Rot) needs some youth elixir and some revitalization to thrash with class again, because I think he’s getting old Mr. Nugent!

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