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Atlas - In Pursuit Of Memory

Atlas - In Pursuit Of Memory

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Atlas is a new melodic rock outfit from the UK, which in the beginning of last year was founded by keyboard player and percussionist James Thorley. In John Moss (guitar), Howie Little (guitar), Chris Redfearn (bass) and Craig Wells (vocals) he found the right like-minded souls and from that moment onwards Atlas was a fact. It didn’t take long before the EP ‘World In Motion’ was brought to market and that one is now followed by this full-length debut album ‘In Pursuit Of Memory’.

The band is playing (heavy) melodic rock and in general knows how to write a decent tune, of which especially ‘Samsara’, the catchy ‘Bad Habit’, the up-tempo ‘Seasons Change’ and Flesh And Blood’ stand out in a positive way. Still the song material of the band just doesn’t offer enough to talk about a truly spectacular release within the genre. On top of that I personally have quite some trouble with the somewhat shrieking voice of singer Craig Wells, which in some songs reminds me quite a lot of Steve “Hamie” Hayman of Heavy Pettin’, and also in that band the vocals decreased the overall quality level of the song material quite a bit.

If you’re capable of listening through the mediocre vocals, as a melodic rock fan you can definitely give this ‘In Pursuit Of Memory’ a try, because as stated the song material on offer is quite okay. For me however the vocals are the most important part of a melodic rock band and therefore I can do nothing else than categorize this Atlas’ debut album as acceptable, but certainly nothing more than that. Whether that will be sufficient to take the next step in their career will remain to be seen…

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