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Aborted - TerrorVision

Aborted - TerrorVision

Label : Century Media | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : I’m not going to try and be subtle about this, because Aborted sure as hell isn’t: ‘Terrorvision’ is Aborted at its best and most adventurous. This is a band that’s established what they are, and now has no fear of looking away from the technical grind towards different ventures without losing their grip on what they’ve already mastered. Where I considered ‘Retrogore’ their best work, ‘Terrorvision’ shows us a band that’s hungrier than ever, even after 23 years! Let’s go through this hunk of meat!

Vocalist Sven de Caluwe has always been an absolute beast, and the way he’s able to mix his piercing highs with his blistering lows is magical at times. However, he’s never sounded as possessed as he does on songs like ‘Vespertine Decay’ where he uses mostly his highs to incredible result. Guitarists Ian Jekelis and Dutch pride Mendel Bij de Leij also show their best sides on this record, with them giving technicality a rest every now and then to give way to more melodically intense riffing. It also results in the parts where they DO play at insane paces being way more intense. Oh, and those 80s twin solos on ‘Terrorvision’, ‘Vespertine Decay’ and throughout the rest of the album don’t hurt either!

I’m still unsure whether or not Ken Bedene was born on earth. His drumming is as precise as it is crushing and he seems to effortlessly reach tempos that I’d consider impossible. He adds an amazing amount of intensity to the result and it’s his creative drumming that makes ‘Terrorvision’ Aborted, as it did on ‘Global Flatline’, ‘Necrotic Manifesto’ and ‘Retrogore’ before this. Newcomer on bass Stefano’s also able to stand proudly among these blistering speeds and more often than not matches the guitarists which in this genre is an incredible achievement. The moments where he deviates from the guitarists are also memorable and instantly noticeable because of the strong bass presence in the mix!

However, I told you that the band experimented more on ‘Terrorvision’ and I’m not lying to you. More deathcore breakdowns like in ‘Vespertine Decay’, more black metal influences on songs like ‘Visceral Despondency’ and more thrashy riffs like in ‘Deep Red’ all make their way into the sonic destruction. What’s important here is that Aborted manages to make that PART OF their sound instead of abandoning what works for them in favor of trying something completely different. ‘Terrorvision’ is still unmistakably Aborted, just with more to discover and more to love.

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