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Hypnos - Set Fire To The Sky

Hypnos - Set Fire To The Sky

Label : The Sign | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Some tracks of this new studio album could have been heard on the previous release, the live album ‘The GBG Sessions’, which is slightly different from the earlier studio albums. Opener ‘Get Out’ is very much in the direction of something like Rainbow, although the vocals push it more in a metal-like direction. As the live album made clear, the new singer can certainly put a more metal atmosphere to the whole picture. The music is still very tasteful, diverse and very well performed, instrumental maybe even better than before, but it’s the voice that doesn’t always fit that well in my humble opinion. Still, most songs can be appreciated very much, except the first few minutes of the seven and a half minute lasting ‘Deadline’. Mostly I’m pretty fond of extended songs, but the sluggish, pretty lame Iron Maiden inspired influences are starting up way to slow in this one.

Fortunately there can also be found some very well succeeded pieces of work. Some of my favorite tracks are ‘Time Is Running Out’ with intriguing spaghetti western atmosphere, and superb performances by the guitar and voice (yes, some great contributions also!), and ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ with a great Thin Lizzy swagger in the way they proved to be capable on the previous album; a beautiful ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ foundation by bass and drums, completed with attractive vocals and true fireworks by the guitars. The strongly Motorhead influenced ‘Looking Out is also very well succeeded, and the final track ‘Slutet’ presents high quality work by the instrumentalists (truly superb guitars in both dragging, laid-back and up-tempo parts) and slightly less appealing vocals again. As a whole the band still grows though, adding more variation, and better teamwork and individual contributions. That less appealing voice at times can also just be a matter of personal taste of one individual reviewer.

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