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The Clouds Will Clear - Recollection Of What Never Was

The Clouds Will Clear - Recollection Of What Never Was

Label : Tonzonen Records | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : The Clouds Will Clear. Nice name for a band. And in one way or another, you already feel what kind of music you are going to hear with that kind of a name. And yes indeed, instrumental post-rock it is. The band from Germany debuted a few years ago with an EP and now releases its first full length, 'Recollection Of What Never Was'. Five songs in 30 minutes.

The album opens with 'In Cycles', a pretty decent and standard post-rock song. It has the well-known guitar lines and the well-known breaks that we have heard many times before from bands like Long Distance Calling, Tides From Nebula, Tristeza, If Only Trees Could Talk and Explosions In The Sky. So, just a list of bands so you know immediately in which musical corner you have to look for these Germans. The following 'Recollection' starts nice with a piano but is also dominated by guitars, both heavy and quiet rippling. Unfortunately the four Germans show in these two tracks that they have less creativity than the bands I mentioned. 'Before The Tempest' is a somewhat more exciting song; a little more composition and more balance between guitars and electronics. Too bad that in the end the distortion pedal of the guitar is used again, even though the track did not ask for that at all. Fortunately they know how to hold the correct voltage in the 'Attack Warning', which is stimulated by electronics. I lean on two thoughts. I am a huge fan of post-rock music but actually The Clouds Will Clear proves that not every band that makes instrumental (guitar) music is immediately fascinating.

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