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Praise The Plague - Antagonist

Praise The Plague - Antagonist

Label : Black Omega Recordings | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Doom and black go really well together, if you ask me. Newcomer Praise The Plague from Berlin proves that with ‘Antagonist’, once again. Nothing earth shattering innovative. Oh no, certainly not. Just really well-executed black doom. Six songs brimming with depressing oppressive suffocating atrabilious atmosphere. It grabs you by the throat and slowly squeezes all life from you. The only times you get a chance to breathe a little is when the band accelerates. I am really curious as to how the band will develop in the future. Maybe more of a sound of their own? Now it’s a little too often: “Hey, what band does this remind me of? And what band this?”.

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