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Le Mur - Exorta

Le Mur - Exorta

Label : Clostridium Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Well that’s been some four five years since we last heard something from German space rockers Le Mur. And look at that, here they are. On a new label (Clostridium Records) with a new album (‘Exorta’) and a somewhat different sound than before. Okay, it is still more or less space rock, but a lot less rocking than before. It is all fairly to extremely chill music with some electronic influences and it even seems like I hear brass instruments and there is also a lot of kraut rock in there. ‘Exorta’ turned into a delicious album to undergo during sultry summer evenings. Relaxed and groovy, it has nothing to do with metal anymore whatsoever and even with rock more or less nothing either. But what Le Mur delivers with ‘Exorta’ is some truly good stuff. Anyone who knows their way with psychedelia, kraut rock, space rock, and such really has to listen to this album.

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