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Kommandant - Blood Eel

Kommandant - Blood Eel

Label : ATMF | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : After opener ‘Absolutum’ which clocks in at four minutes and comes across as a drawn-out intro all hell breaks loose with title track ‘Blood Eel’. No, not full-speed ahead but excruciatingly slow you’re being dragged through all seven circles of hell. Eventually the song does speed up. The mechanical (I am assuming it is a drum computer) drum fit in well. This continues, more or less, for the entire duration for the entire duration of the album. Raging parts alternated with slow parts which keep the listener interested and on its toes and see to it that boredom doesn’t set in. At times it is slightly reminiscent of Marduk far far away, but luckily Kommandant has enough of a face of its own that thoughts of that band dissipate within a micro second.

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