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Grande Royale - Captured Live

Grande Royale - Captured Live

Label : The Sign | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : ‘Captured Live’ is an album containing recordings where I would have loved to be present in person. All tracks are recorded during gigs in Flensburg, Germany. The set consists of mainly very energetic versions of songs from their most recent (great) album ‘Breaking News’. Absolute highlight is the current single ‘I’m On The Loose’; a track which is one of many good songs on the latest studio album, but sounding truly superb in this live version. This song proves Hampus not only being a singer capable of his task, but also adding that extra value of expression and emotion reaching a listener to goose bumps. With some faster energetic tracks one can get the impression of the singer giving too much, too soon; the voice sounds very hoarse and on the edge at times, but the passionate sandpaper sound of the ‘I’m On The Loose’ version is simply great. Also the guitars seem to sound even more committed and fierce than the studio versions; quite an achievement. .Maybe they have not exploited the possibilities of live recordings to the maximum in terms of raw energy combined with improvisation, but these guys have surely delivered something to be proud of! With this past tour the guys haven’t played in my neighbourhood (despite my attempts to help out a bit and send around about fifty promo CD’s to stages in my neighbourhood), but I sure hope some venues still have available dates for these guys the coming tour, so I can finally see these guys playing live for real.

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