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Druglord - New Way Dying

Druglord - New Way Dying

Label : Sludgelord Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Throw Ozzy Osbourne into a sludge band and you’ll most probably get something like Druglord. Vocalist Tommy reminds me a lot of a grittier Ozzy Osbourne. And it has to be said, it does fit in well with the sort of sludge Druglord plays. Clearly rooted in doom but with more than enough meanness to it. Just like with earlier releases by the band a lot of band names pop into my head when listening to the album, without me being able to say: “Yes, this is clearly one of the main inspirations for the band.” Which is, of course, a good sign. No, it still doesn’t sound original. But then again what newer sludge band does sound original, nowadays? It is all about the execution with this kind of music. And it has to be said that is done extremely well. The band manages to captivate from start to finish. 41 minutes, from the first notes of ‘Blood And Body’ until the last of closing title song ‘A New Dying’.

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