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Dr. Gore - From The Deep Of Rotten

Dr. Gore - From The Deep Of Rotten

Label : Bizarre Leprous Production | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Dr. Gore is a band from Rome, Italy that has been around since about sixteen years. They debuted with ‘Rigore Mortis’ (EP, 2008). After a while the first full-length ‘Rotting Remnants’ (2012) saw the light of day and 2014 brought us ‘Viscera’. Nowadays Dr. Gore is signed with Bizarre Leprous Productions which recently released ‘From The Deep Of Rotten’ on CD. Check the band’s digital discography on their Bandcamp page.

‘From The Deep Of Rotten’ wiped away all that nasty and fake music stuff that I had to listen to on the radio at work all day. To me, Dr, Gore has a lot in common with bands such as the mighty Sinister: the music is as brutal as fuck, the singer is topnotch and the rest of the Italian act is musically skilled as well. The thing Dr. Gore has not in common with the Dutch act is the ability to write tracks that have this little extra to keep people interested. Therefore ‘Syncretism’ will attract to more people than ‘From The Deep Of Rotten’. Death metal / grindcore adepts can buy this one without any hesitation.

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