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Blood Of Serpents - Sulphur Sovereign

Blood Of Serpents - Sulphur Sovereign

Label : Non Serviam Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : The Swedish Blood Of Serpents released their debut ‘Black Dawn’ in 2014. I did not see that album coming, but it was a pleasant surprise: a nice black metal album with death metal and thrash influences, upon which Lars Broddesson, former member of Marduk, played the drums and also did the mixing. Four years later they are back bringing us ‘Sulphur Sovereign’.

Razor-sharp black metal is shoved in our throats from the start and this blistering hurricane will only lie down after the last note fades. Opening track 'Mater Tenebris', followed by 'In Darkness Brotherhood' and 'Devil's Tongue' make you cry for your mother repeatedly. A sequence of tremolo riffing, venomous vokills and blast beats, blast beats, blast beats. Drummer Christoffer Andersson is a scourge for the ears of many listeners: his wicked drumming sounds as if a record is played on the wrong speed...although it has to be said that Blood of Serpents shows, from the epic 'As The Temple Burns' half way through the album, that it is capable of more than just playing fast. There is plenty of atmosphere in the melodic parts and the subsequent 'Canticle' is just about the scariest interlude that I have heard in years. The second part of the album is approached with more feeling, but it remains a putrid, blasphemous slab of black metal.

And whether you get psyched on Dark Funeral, Marduk or Setherial or you find joy crossing the Swedish borders listening to Enthroned or Belphegor, with 'Sulphur Sovereign' you will have a new album to rotate with the latest of Funeral Mist.

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