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Angry Nation - Embracing The Collapse

Angry Nation - Embracing The Collapse

Label : Wolfblood Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Two years ago the debut album 'The Fail Decade' by Angry Nation was released, a band from Austria, consisting of a few old guys from the Austrian metal scene. The album was full of thrash metal of the heavy kind and now, two years later, the train continues to ride full steam ahead with this new CD, 'Embracing The Collapse'. And in fact nothing has changed. The tight, mostly mechanical riffs of Walter Oberhofer have survived and drummer Allesandro Vagnoni is trying to keep the whole thing together expertly. Also still in the lineup is the guy with the brutal throat, Wolfgang S├╝ssenbeck. The man is still not singing! He also has no grunt; I do not know exactly how he produces such a voice. If I try to copy it, I completely lose myself! There are no outliers on this album, both in negative and in positive terms. Those who like heavy thrash will certainly know to appreciate Angry Nation.

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