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Black Viper - Hellions Of Fire

Black Viper - Hellions Of Fire

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Damn, this is tasty! Though this is a Norwegian band, this is not stuff reserved for only the trve and the kvlt ones among us. What we have in Black Viper is a resurrection of bands like Savage Grace and Agent Steel, the rebirth of 80’s US speed metal!

After the intro the title track squeezes itself out of the loudspeakers by means of a destructive scream by singer Salvador Armijo. What we can hear is in fact everything that made the big boys in the genre the much loved bands they were, even after the genre itself kind of fell into oblivion. First of all, there’s the high vocals with shrieking screams as we know them from Agent Steel. Black Viper also has a drummer that goes so fast he almost trips over his own works, and that drummer is Cato Stormoen, also known as “Sadomancer” of Deathhammer. And then there is a class guitar player why can both riff like insane as well as play a very decent solo, and of course a lightning fast bass player who manages to give this mayhem some thundering structure. The band manages to keep up their insane speeds even at the impressive lengths the songs on this album are. The only song that does not have the pedal to the metal all the time is ‘Quest For Power - The Fountain Of Might’. Here the band combines their own sound with some heavy metal elements from the British school. A very interesting piece of music that you should definitely give a try.

‘Hellions Of Fire’ is a memorable debut album that revives the spirit of the ancient glory of US speed metal. Are you fan of bands in this genre, such as the ones already named or for example Flotsam And Jetsam, then listen to this!

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