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Verano's Dogs - Summoning The Hounds

Verano's Dogs - Summoning The Hounds

Label : Metal Age Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Verano's Dogs is an Italian band playing old school death metal. They use a very loose-sounding sound, in which there is an interaction between a low grunt and slightly hysterical screaming vocals. What is striking is that the songs are quite short, between two and three minutes and in those songs there is little variation in the vocal lines, making it even in this short playing time a pretty monotonous affair. Also the drumming is not very innovative and as a whole this produces a rather uninspiring album, which is a mainly because both the vocals and the drumming are prominent on this album. What sounds good is the chugging bass guitar that makes its way through the songs. The album seems like a one-time recording of the frustration of the band and usually an emotion like frustration is a good breeding ground for extreme music, but there has to be some variation in the song writing. Nice is that the band stays close to the “dog” theme with songtitles like 'The Hound (A Lovecraft's Tale)', 'Rising Of The Necrotic Hound' and 'Bark At The Grave', although the best title must be 'Cannibalism And Agriculture' . Too bad that the best moments of the album are the song titles, because the music sounds quite likeable (which may not be the best description for a death metal album as well by the way).

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