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Snew - You Got Some Nerve

Snew - You Got Some Nerve

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : The swinging ‘Ur Freaking Me Out’ kicks this album into motion. Nice upbeat tempo, a few horns, like it. These five guys from Los Angeles rock with an attitude for sure. There is a definite convincing factor shining through in their songs. A band like Bulletboys comes to mind listening to Snew. There is also a comparison to make in the vocal department. Singer Curtis Don Vito has a similar tone and reach like Bulletboys singer Marq Torien. The songs have a simple structure, with only one goal; to swing and unite people. I think Snew will be a treat to witness live. Most of the material on ‘You Got Some Nerve’ is mid-tempo, a few are a bit faster (for example ‘Put Upon’). One of the highlights for me is ‘Sharpie’, with well added percussion, that gives the song even ore swing. Snew releases this album by themselves. No idea if the band did not (or does not want to) land a record deal. But there are more than enough bands that are signed who are far less convincing than Snew. Bobby Oswinski gave this album the balls it needs with his production. ‘You Got Some Nerve’ is the right album to get a party started, you can leave that up to Snew.

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