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Sepulcher - Panoptic Horror

Sepulcher - Panoptic Horror

Label : Edged Circle Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : The new album ‘Panoptic Horror’ from the Norwegian outfit Sepulcher is one of those records that needed a little longer until I started appreciating the music. After the first listening session, I really could not have said whether I was going to love this or start hating it from the depth of my heart. While the sound is really cool and musically fascinating I have to find a way to place the vocals. It has therefore lasted up to three times until the penny dropped and I was able to value this album in its entirety, maybe even going to love it. The vocals give a lot of energy to the vicious character of this disc. What fascinates me here is the nostalgic character: aggressive, dark and primitive. You immediately feel like encountering an old acquaintance, of course little things have changed in the years, but still there is the feeling of solidarity. But what is this actually? Thrash metal? Death Metal? Somewhere I also feel a small connection to black metal? Just rate it yourself. ‘Panoptic Horror’ is just a very sincere record that plays with many different influences and the more I listen to it the better I like it. Definitely worth the effort and give the men the chance to let it down, you will not regret it!

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